Today´s the day – the bus journey marathon, probably the 1st of many!!! We´re due to leave at 1500 and due to arrive in Puerto Madryn (the nearest town on the edge of Patagonia) at 0900 tomorrow morning! We pack and make up sandwiches to have lunch in the park near bus station. When we arrive at the bus station we think it´s probably best to print out our tickets, and then have a panic on as the bus is nowhere to be seen. True to Spanish time it turns up about 30 mins late, after we´ve asked twice worried we´re stood in the wrong place – there´s over 70 bus stands in the station. As promise we get really comfy leather seats with pillow and a blankie. Nice 🙂

An hour or so after the journey starts they bring round some food – it’s just like being on a plane – except what arrives it´s pretty disappointing. A cake, a chocolate biscuit thing and some dry toast/crouton type things and jam together with a handful of different types of tea/coffee sachets. We try the mate´. We also hope it´s only afternoon tea not dinner. But as the evening and the miles pass us by and the bus having stopped briefly twice we just about give up hope of ever being fed again. Especially when around 9pm the hostess guy starts giving out little tickets to play bingo!!! It´s ok we think, it´ll take our mind off our hunger let’s play. So we take up his kind offer and every time he calls out a number we translate it for Fi. Then crazy as it might sound, Huw wins! Bingo! We have a bottle of white wine. Nice!

We think we can smell food around 1030pm then the guy comes around again with a food pack. Hurray! Boo! It´s cold – a slice of meat, a slice of cheese, a triangle of tortilla, bread roll… We´re gutted but were so worried we weren´t getting anything that relief outweighs the disappointment. Then miracles of miracles they bring round a hot package!!! It’s some kind of chicken and mash.

Aaahh!! And now we can sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. There are movies on for a while but these even shut down and we get a pretty good sleep till about 7am when the road gets pretty bumpy. We arrive in Puerto Madryn about 10am, just under an hour late. It´s really not what any of us expected. It´s a proper seaside town, 1st impressions are a cross between Weymouth and Pendine Sands. We all thinks we´re going to have a proper good time here 🙂

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