¿Is it a bar or is it a clothes shop?

Great, we manage a lie-in and carry the day on at a leisurely pace with brekkie, blog updates and skype with Ignacio and Liz, finally leaving the flat early afternoon. Shocking, but if it helps Huw get over his cold it´ll be worth it. Skype with Ignacio gives us more sightseeing tips – looks like we are going to have to stay for a month to get around them all 😉
While we´re out, we wander around the local area, it´s market day on Saturdays just up the road in the square. It´s really bizarre you go in to these places in the day and its mostly clothes shops and you go in the evening and they´ve all turned into trendy bars!!!! We went into one today and it was clearly a pool hall, with clothes and jewellery lain out all across the covered pool tables. Great dual use of space! They aren´t smoky holes either, there´s been a smoking ban here (Buenos Aires that is, apparently different states have different rulings on this) since 2006. It has amazed us how many places we have been that have had a “no smoking policy” in place in restaurants and bars. We kinda thought it would be like one big long smoky trail, with most countries reluctant to bring in bans, like the Spanish, and French. It´s refreshing, quite literally!
A bit more grocery shopping (we decide to cook dinner ourselves tonight, look after the budget) and a new top for Bernice and back to the flat for a bit more Spanish learning – watching a movie with subtitles, yes we are picking what we watch by how easy it is to follow the subtitles!!! A crazy Costner movie called “Mr Brooks”. An eye opener here too, obviously not being in the habit of watching foreign films we hadn´t noticed till now how much the language is dumbed down. For instance “you dumb ass” = “idiota”; “ok”, “sweet”, “groovy”, “that´s cool man”….. = “muy bien”.
A late carbonara for dinner and an unexpected chat with Kenny on Skype finished the day off nicely. The plan is to get up early tomorrow and head back to San Telmo for the Sunday markets.

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