Provisioning El Salvador styly!

So ashore for 0900 and on the minibus to Usulutan for our shopping trip. Jeanie from the Hallberg is also on the bus and a lady from Victoria, BC called Sonny. Her boat is out of the water at the minute in the boatyard where her and her husband are doing some general maintenance on her. She’s a 50 year old motor boat designed by William Gardner, that they’ve had 20 years and sail around wherever the fancy takes them. Well actually come to think of it doesn’t have sails.

Sonny gets off the bus at the entrance to town (they’ve been here a which so she knows where she’s going) looking for something in particular. Jeanie stays on and asks if she can tag along with us for the morning. She was here last week but she said she doesn’t remember a great deal as she wasn’t very well.

The town is really buzzing and really friendly, though we can imagine it could be intimidating for a lot of visitors. They don’t see many! We visit the supermarket 1st as that’s where we are dropped off and cunningly there’s a bag storage outside that will hold all our shopping for free while we wander around the fresh markets across the street.
Once we’re done buying we grab lunch from a stall and sit on a street bench while we eat it. We must be some sight, four gringos sitting on the side of the road eating and looking out of place. Without exception everyone who walks past or drives past has a comment for us. Enjoy your food. Are you English? Good day. Etc. Strikes us that Jeanie didn’t have this kinda experience last week, think she was expecting a visit to Pizza Hut next door!

Safely back at the Marina we offload our shopping back to the boat and then go ashore again for email access and upload some blog entries. It’s not all of them to date but then the promise was Mexico. We stay ashore till it’s time to collect the laundry and then head back to Bananas. When we sort the washing we realise all the boys shorts are missing so Huw returns ashore to try and locate them. It turns out there’s quite a lot missing. Oops! Richard cooks us some nice tuna for dinner and then we have an early night as we have loads to do tomorrow before we can leave.

This may be a lovely and well run Marina but it’s a very hot still evening and we can’t have all the windows open as there are tons of mosi’s about. We dig our our mosi nets and make some temporary mosi covers for the galley windows and door and try to relax for the evening.

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