Off to New York for a detox!

So last minute admin jobs today: make use of Angie’s lovely washing machine for the last time, thanks Angie xx; pack or at least try to get everything back into our rucsacs, six weeks on the road with it all heaped in the boot, haven’t helped; write some blog entries …

Then time for a group chat with Bea and Andy back home in Derby, say hi to Bea, make sure she’s ok, she’s been poorly of late. we’ve been meaning to call for three days now but the time difference keeps catching us out!

It feels weird, it’s our third but last time leaving the Waddington household. We’ve had a blast, thanks guys. without your generosity (camping gear, car, washing machine,  etc…) our trip in the US would have been a very different experience altogether.

A last lunch with Angie in Chipotle and a trip to FroYo with the kids after school enables us to have quality time with everyone before Angie runs us to the airport.

The traffic is pretty hectic, even more so in the other direction, but we still manage some time at the airport for some more blog updates and photo sorting.

Luckily we remembered to swap photo’s with Angie and now have some from the other night at the winery as well as them having some from Molly’s footie game.

It’s a sad farewell and even the weather is sad… we drive to the airport in what must be the first real rain since Panama, oh if you exclude the cloud bubble that was the grand canyon, that is. It’s obviously time to move on…..

The flight is ok, not a great deal of legroom but not as severe as UK bucket airlines. You do have to pay to view movies though, but as it’s an overnight flight we hope to sleep…. Well we get a little, do some reading too. But it is more than a bit uncomfortable –  due to dodgy cabin pressure we think – we could feel the veins in our legs expanding and are sure it was probably the last thing to compromise on. We guess – nae hope –  it isn’t intentional!

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