500nm to go today! 500nm to go!

Up around 9am. Showers, brekkie and then some admin – photo sorting for the blog. Then hhmmm well I guess sunbathe or play cards or bake flapjacks or hhmmm maybe all of the above ;0)

Some numbers for you:
SOG (speed over ground)
5.9, 6.3, 7.8, 8.2, 8.1, 7.6, 7.4, 8.3, 7.2
TTG (Time to go)
66.54, 67.15, 58.2, 78.51, 69.34, 67.3
TWS (true wind speed)
11.4, 15.9, 12.5, 13.9, 16.1, 17.9, 18.4
(*not in corresponding order)

So where we stand is – with less than 500nm to go – it can take us as little as 2.5 days or as much as 4 days. And even that’s only if the SOG doesn’t go below 5.5 knots!!

If we arrive on the 16th that means it’s taken us 14 days from Cape Verde, 25 from Gran Canaria. Just as well we provisioned for 35 days!!! :0)

Lunch is a splendid Spanish Omelette a’la Will and dinner, on it’s way as we write, is our very own Dorado we caught the other day. We’ve had a starter of cheesy nachos already so bring it on :0)

We haven’t napped today between our shifts but will surely need one after dinner to keep us going till midnight…

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