Up the mast again

The weather forecast suggests it´s best to leave tomorrow not today to head for the San Blas otherwise we´d be beating into wind. None of us want that as it wouldn´t be very pleasant so we all agree to stay put for another day, we spend the morning on boat maintenance including a trip to the top of the mast for Huw where he gets a great view, replacing the tri-color light. We also get some cleaning jobs done, with half a plan to dinghy along to Isla Grande later for a look around.
In fact what we do is move to Isla Grande for a change of scene as the swell has eased – they´re a stone´s throw from each other! Once the anchor is down we go ashore firstly ontothe mainland (La Guayra) to leave some rubbish and buy a few supplies then across to the island for a walk around. It´s really pretty and apparently where the Panamanians come for their holiday weekends, what we find is in total contrast to what Bob and Elaine experienced previously when it was all shut up, nobody about and lots and lots of rain!!!
We´ve offered to cook today and make a chilli of sorts, compromising on a few ingredients makes it entertaining and it seems to go down well, especially as its accompanied with a small glass of red.

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