A day in Bocas town

The plan made last night was to head to the beach – so many of the locals said it was going to be sunny today. But we wake up to rain again. Nathan and Dan do go out for an early morning surf but come back as there aren’t any waves.

We all meet around 10am for brekkie and then we head over to Bocas town, with the other four meeting us there for lunch.

We want the head start as we need to go to the “Spanish by the Sea” (SBTS) school to agree lessons and sort accommodation out there.
We meet the others at an Indian restaurant Nathan and Donna had discovered last week – “OM”, for lunch. Its pretty good too. After lunch we scout out the 2nd hand bookshop downstairs from it and then Dan and Jenny walk to the airport (another tiny airfield) on the edge of town to sort flights to Panama out. They head back there and then onto New Zealand.

Meanwhile the rest of us check out the only ATM in town, renowned for being empty of cash!!, to try our luck. Happy days :0)
A browse around the shops results in Huw buying a rash vest (in case he goes surfing again ´cause that rash is a not to be repeated event!) and Bernice, not to be out done you understand, some shorts.

We re-group at an agreed bar and proceed to sample quite a few of the local bars, just to understand the local customs you realise. Donna also gets quite taken by the 80’s music in one bar and has a more tipsy night than the rest of us. Back at “Caribbean View” (our hotel) we opt for a night cap on the balcony, well Nathan and us anyway.

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