A beach too far

The plan last night was to get up mega early (by early Will imagined 0600) and beat the traffic, head down to Santa Monica beach for a CS “Potluck”, that’s a picnic to you and us, but with a difference, everyone turns up with a different item and its potluck what you get to eat!!!

But…as we were sat chatting and drinking till after two am, there was really little hope of that. Kenice even said she was only going to have an hours sleep and then drive home (she lives that way) and she didn’t sneak out until after 7am!!!

So plan B, there is a local farmer’s market and village festival in Feliz, here where Will lives. It sounds perfect to us and defo the right answer for our fragile states. So having woken up around 9ish, we get our butts in gear and wander to the farmers market for starters and find the most amazing selection of fresh fruit which we buy lots of for brekkie, well brunch really…

Then a stroll to the festival, which is really busy and much better organised than the Bloomfest one we went to on Saturday in town. There´s live music, acrobatics, bars, food and craft stalls. There´s even a guy selling art work who´s work we recognise from The Hive gallery the other day. Having a chat with him he convinces us to go back and talk to Nathan who runs the place. We meet up with Will´s neighbour Melanie, and she spent some time walking round with us and chatting. All in all we have a great lazyish day, Feliz really feels like a London suburb. We offer to cook Will dinner for his hospitality, inviting us to use his couch for yet another night, maybe he felt guilty we had to share it with Kenice last night, not sure but we´re having a fun time and are totally bought into the whole social aspect of Couchsurfing.

It´s another late night quite by accident, just sat chatting with Will, we feel sorry for him when we all realise, especially as he is the one with work in the morning…. Oops!

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