A day goes pear shaped

Every day can’t be bliss. It wouldn’t be if we were home. It’s not realistic to expect it to be while we’re travelling. So we shouldn’t be surprised if we both have an off day once in a while. Today was it.
We think in the end it was too much sun that did for us. Trying to sight see in the heat is tough. Neither of us have hats and walking around for 4-6 hours with no shade is asking for trouble really. Bernice had a stinking headache all day too – Huw puts that down to too much red meat, the huge steak she devoured last night!!!

We take the bus to Recoleta to visit the cemetery and planned that and a gallery or two for the afternoon. The cemetery is fab, row upon row of family tombs – makes a perfect backdrop for vampire movies…. Surprising too how many English/Irish sounding names we came across.

By the time we’d finished in the cemetery we were both done for. We should have called it quits then but we stuck it out and took in the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. The result, we both got as grumpy as hell. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

We were to meet Rocco (Ignacio’s school friend) tonight at 8 but it’d got complicated as we have Fiona arriving around 930 as well. Then the apartment landlord called and wanted to come around to sort out costs for both Fi saying with us and us all extending 3 more days – give us time to make travel plans….. Nightmare. When things unravel they might as well totally, eh!

Not to worry we each took time-out, Huw went to the shops and Bernice cooked dinner and things worked themselves through in the end, but we could have done without the stress of it all.

The landlord was great, he’s happy to take the extra charge out of our deposit and Fi turned up with out a glitch around 10ish. The disappointing thing was not being able to make the mobile no. Rocco had given us work so we weren’t able to get in touch to change plans 🙁 Sorry Rocco.

A final disaster struck too – Huw had been to the cash machine while out, thinking we’d need money for the landlord, only to leave his credit card in the machine! Doh! Doh! And double Doh! Cancelling it on line was quickly done, but left a sinking feeling with us, knowing it’ll be near on impossible to sort out receipt of a new one out here!!
After dinner we took a walk around the area to give us all some fresh air, walk it off and Fi a wee tour of the area. Then it was a well earned bedtime zzz.

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