A day of rest …. and not much else!

It´s our last night in apartment! Our last night in Buenos Aires! And of course we make the most of it! We lie in till lunchtime and then pluck up the energy to go to San Telmo to the market again. It’s a much cooler experience than last week and we even try some empanada’s from a street vendor, well one each anyway as they are huge. Very tasty! Huw bought a belt so hopefully his shorts will last a bit longer, he´s replaced the top button about 3 times already.

We catch a glimpse of some street tango but as is always the way, it stops just after we get to it. Lol!

When we get back to the flat Fi makes a lovely stirfry with the contents of our doggie bag which was actually really nice meat! Then we have a really quiet night in watching movies till we couldn´t stay awake any longer.

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