A day off

It´s the weekend and we have had 6 days straight of lessons so we have the weekend off, which means a long lie, nice  It also means we ditch on going to the plaza to meet the children which we feel kind of guilty about but are so tired we can justify it. Jenna does go along so that eases our conscience a little.

When we do surface we get on with the blog writing – been here a week now and haven´t posted any news yet, sorry! – Huw also does some photo sorting, which also involves a wee sneak at the footie on TV too.

Two Swiss girls arrive that we originally met in Pucon and then again in Uyuni (Mirjam and Laura) and there´s a bit of catching up with them to be had too. As they managed to get into Sucre there is hope that buses will be able to leave… Marcela and Noel want to get away tonight, rumours are that you get a bus to the blockade, the get off and walk with your bags to the other side and another awaiting bus takes you onto your destination.
Dan and Richard go to the bus station to find out what the score really is and if they can leave tomorrow. Richard is going north and Dan south to Cochabamba (we reckon he can let us know if it´s worth the detour). They discover the rumours are true about walking through the blockades and that they should be able to get out of town ok tomorrow. There are talks scheduled with the government which should resolve the problem.

Meanwhile we have a game of Shithead (but not as we know it) with Michael J and Dave, and later we (us, Dan and Richard) meet Matt and Kirsty, Richard (Irish) & Stephanie at “Los Balconies” for dinner. Stephanie is much better but only has soup just to ease herself back onto solids gently.

Hurrah! Some people manage to leave town, there´s hope for us all yet – Marcela and Noel, Linda and Wouter all get a bus and leave for la Paz.

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