A packed full day

We were lucky enough to be able to book a room for longer but we do have to move rooms today, the new one is a little cheaper and although not on-suite it´s definitely nicer. We did take our bags down to reception guessing they’d want them in storage till later but our new room was ready, unexpected but nice.

Brekkie in this hostel is also all-u-can-eat pancakes as well as bagels. Sorted!

Then we have the day to ourselves and we start by walking the length of Market St to the waterside shopping area and wander along the harbour Walls. We see a huge aircraft carrier – Midway which is open to the public but there’s a huge queue, maybe we’ll come back another time.

Discovering there’s a boat show on this weekend too (how many events can this town successfully host in one week??!) we collect two discount tickets from an info booth and add it to our to-do list. We find ourselves by the Santa Fe train station so enquire about train times, prices and left luggage for when we leave.

Then it’s a metro, sorry trolley-car to Little Italy for a mooch around some galleries and lunch. We have been told about a camera shop here too and although the guys are really nice they don’t have any Sony cameras. We still think a like for like replacement for the stolen one is best, even better they’ve released a new model that gets even better reviews.

A useful piece of news from them is where the nearest canon service center is (that’s centre to you and us). It’s near Laguna Niguel which is close to LA but more importantly near where Angie is visiting her friend so making it an obvious place to meet her for her to take us up to hers. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together! 🙂

Next we check out a couple of nearby galleries. The 1st one has a wee magazine called ‘Art Scene’ which is exactly what we need to see what’s on and where, and it covers all of California. There’s another one just for San Diego.

The people running the galleries are really friendly especially Gerry in the gallery “McNabb” and Hans in gallery “Jacqueline Lavenu”. We receive great tips about other venues we should visit as well as lots of info about the work they have on show currently.

After tiring ourselves out we head for a coffee shop Gerry recommends but failing to find it we end up in a brew house instead for a much needed liquid refreshment.

We should have called it a day at this but we gullibly decided to go onto the mall we were told about for cameras and also to look for some cheap shoes. Now we’re in the land of the free as with everywhere else 1st world, there’s dress codes and we only have flip-flops and trekking shoes, both of which limit our options somewhat when it comes to evening choices….

The camera mission is unsuccessful but we do come up trumps on shoes oh and Huw buys a new pair of shorts too.

It’s been a very very long day and we’re pretty pooped by the time we get back to our room. It sure is weird being back in civilisation and having to conform!!!

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