A real Sunday feeling

It is quite a late rise for everyone this morning, well except for Sasha, who at every tiny movement is right there hoping you’re going to feed her 🙂

We get some research done on our road trip, get abreast of what’s going on back home, not great news, thinking about all our friends caught up in the affected areas, stay safe guys xxxx

We even do some reading, and chatting and eventually agree some fresh air is needed. Well we do anyway, April on the other hand fancies more chillaxing.

We go find some steps, there’s lots in SF apparently, and gain some height pretty quickly, finding our way to a park, but as anticipated there’s not much of a view due to the fog. It’s an August thing apparently!! So be warned, a visit to SF in August means a cold, damp, foggy city!! It feels just like home!

When we get back we swap stories and stuff while we eagerly await Tim returning from his bike ride. We thought he’d be back yesterday after his bike frame snapped in two, but no he’s made of stronger stuff than that, he was able to hire an alternative. Huw was proud, although more than a little jealous Tim was off on a 40mile bike trip and he wasn´t.

Tim finally arrived and after showering and obviously famished we all head out to a famous restaurant. It started life as a takeaway van, then a pop-up non-profit restaurant, then re-incarnated itself to it’s current super busy, no reservations, queues at least 40min long.

It was nice and probably worth the wait. The food was good and we had plenty time to chat. Afterwards we headed back to theirs and played games. Their choice was a board game called Settler, a bit like Risk but less aggressive and much more fun. Though we´re sure they were probably more than a tad frustrated on how slow the game was going because of our newness to it.

Then of course we had to teach them THE card game. How could we allow them to set off travelling in less than 4 weeks and not know it… We’d be letting them down big time.

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