A trek to Amsterdam for a pub quiz

We´re definitely in backpacker land, we find there´s a pub quiz in a local gringo bar tonight … (Amsterdam, run by a Dutch lady, yes!) Maybe we´ll go along for a laugh, but 1st we have lots to do today, we have to get through 2x2hour Spanish lessons along with the double homework that’s thrown in with it. We also have to confirm with Roxanna that we can stay a couple of weeks, minimum.

The lessons seem more manageable in two bursts, it gives us a wee break and a little time to absorb what we´ve learnt.
This hostel has a huge book exchange in reception although if the last few days have told us anything it’s that with the Spanish tuition it’s unlikely we´ll have time for much else. This travelling malarkey really is hard work. Honest!

Well apart from eating, as you have to eat, keep your strength up and like everything so far (apart from beer occasionally and if you go into obvious tourist traps) it’s really really cheap here – a breath of fresh air after Chile and Argentina! There is a little kitchen here at the hostel, it´s under the stairs, that might give you a clue just how small. That said people are using it. You get torn, on the one hand it’s so cheap to eat out and on the other the local market is huge and sells so much fresh fruit, veg, meat, in fact everything you could imagine… you feel you ought to buy and cook! Well we think about it anyhow 

Having had lunch at another place today (we should really try and get round as many different places as we can, don´t you think) “”Locot´s”, a supposed Mexican, hhmmm… we make a plan to go to the quiz later on though Dan, Richard (English), Richard (Irish) decide to go for pizza 1st and in the end don´t make it in time to take part. It´s just four of us: us, Michael Jackson and Dave. All English and the smallest team there… some of them are 8 or 9 strong … even we can´t fight those odds. Although we have fun we come a miserable last  There seems to be a fair bit of cheating going on and the questions are slanted quite a bit to the US, not that we´re bitter and twisted you understand.

The pizza crew join us just as the quiz wraps up and we sit and chat for a bit longer, we meet Shay, an American friend of Richard´s (English) too.

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