A trip to the beach and creole food

We meet up with the other two couples we’ve met – Conny & Rowan from Canada and Adam & Monika from the US – around 8am to take a water taxi to the beach in the next cove. It’s a posh all inclusive resort but we can still go sit on their beach and snorkel there. The plan is to head back at noon as Adam & Monika are flying home today. The beach is lovely but totally fake – they have obviously shipped in white sand.  

On return after lunch and goodbyes are said the rest of us go for a walk to the outskirts of town to the Diamond botanical gardens and waterfall. It’s a lovely rainforest park with a waterfall at the back. There’s evidence here to of hurricane Thomas, as paths are closed and landslips are visible.
We grab a refreshment just at the right time as the heavens open and we get a massive downpour. It doesn’t last for long though.
On return we did some laundry in our room, chilled for a bit then Rowan & Conny joined us for a rum cocktail before we all went out and sampled some local food in ‘Archies’. Conny had a beef roti which was like a beef stew wrapped in a thin pancake (like you get for crispy duck back home). Rowan had a fish meal and we both had a chicken meal, these were basically accompanied by macaroni pie, potato pie, coleslaw, root vegetables of dareem, yam and rice. Very nice but way too much food.

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