A trip to the doctors

Oops we forgot to mention that the acquiring of malaria tabs was also proving difficult yesterday. In the end we decided to visit the local med centre and see the doc. She was great and within 30 min we were both sorted and happily packing away our supplies. We had a biggish lunch and decided that snacks and rum were the way forward for dinner – especially if the rain didn’t hold off, like last night.
We collected our laundry but didn’t get to go on our hillwalk – up pigeon island as the weather has been pretty threatening. It’s amazing how quick the day has flown in, it’s dark around 1730 which seems really early. Some Movie time – Inkcart (about a father who, when he reads aloud summons characters out of books, downside – someone always goes in to replace them) and V for vengeance (seem, got, but still great). A nice relaxing night in.
We did get accommodation sorted today too. In Soufriere which is south of here. We plan to leave here xmas eve rather than xmas day, thinking transport and food options might be a bit tricky otherwise. Soufriere is reputedly the place to be for all the sport action choices, whereas Rodney Bay is where the nightlife and tourist shops are.
We’ll keep you posted on that one!

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