Aahh Condor

It is Parilla time again, apparently a weekly event, nice :-). Us old timers that have been here a week at least are really looking forward to it and spend some time convincing the newbies it´s a good idea. We meet Jim at lunchtime, he´s from Thirsk and he also wants to do Spanish lessons, he´d signed up with a school but then hears about Isaac and changes his plans.

Sona and Peter had heard about the parilla from Wouter and Linda so they were well up for it and the Belgian couple Clarisse and Jeoffrey also both make it – Jeoffrey was really disappointed as he missed last week, he was pretty poorly.

During our lessons today (which are getting pretty tough now, mostly because we´re getting to saturation point with little time to practice and consolidate!) we chat through an idea Bernice has regarding the street children. Sound him out so to speak, see if he thinks Philly would be up for it.

What Bernice wants to do is work with the street children, take their photos with a view to a new piece of work when she gets home, but also she´s keen to take some photos of the old people on the street and isn´t sure how to go about this. The thing is how to go about it without offending them and what to offer, if anything, in return. Isaac thinks the ideas are great, help raise awareness back home and is sure Philly will know a good approach to make it work. Maybe she´ll be at the parilla tonight to discuss it, if not Roxanna is sure to help contact her.

After our lessons we see Michael emerge from his room, he looks real bad and in actual fact says he´s going to call his tutor and see if she can help him see a doctor. When he disappears a short time later we don´t see him again tonight.

We are supposed to be leaving here on Tuesday next but we feel we should really see some of the countryside before we leave. Gerdien and Melanie (who we trekked with in Bariloche) have recommended that we check out Condor Tours, so we go along there today with Chris and see what’s on offer. The three day trek the girls did is an option and the photos in the office look really awesome, if we decide to do this we´re probably looking at going Tuesday and Wednesday night – something to think about.

The parilla is pretty good again, Zandro can´t make it but Abel and the young lad who works at the hostel cook between them and it turns out there is far far too much meat. As a result Roxanna suggests cooking the rest for lunch tomorrow. It´s Good Friday and tradition here is no meat, but Quechan’s seem to bend the rules. Nice idea, an good for our left over meat. We were planning on going to go to Pueblo Chico as they have on offer a 12 course lunch menu – a Good Friday traditional vegetarian/fish menu to represent the last supper and the twelve apostles apparently, but hey, parilla instead, guess what wins 🙂

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