All´s not well on the way to the Coco B´s

The original plan for the day was to stay and chill out at East Lemons but when we woke up Bob was keen to go to Coco Banderos as this is billed as one of the most beautiful places in the San Blas Islands and he didn´t want to risk us not getting there, these being the furthest away Islands we´d be trying to see. As there not a huge amount to do at the East Lemon´s now we´re here, we all agreed to the change of plan. So we up’d anchor and set off.

There was a bit of a breeze blowing so it was decided to fly the mainsail and cruising chute (small version of the spinnaker). Bob asked Huw to go and put up the mainsail, who in turn asked Bernice to come and help. All went well until Bob got worried that Bernice had hoisted the main too far with the electric winch and proceeded to shout for her to stop … very loudly just centimetres from her ear!! Things then went rapidly downhill when Elaine and Bernice were furling the genoa and Bob shouted instructions from the foredeck, Bernice decided that she would go downstairs for a while to calm down at this point! The chute went up without too much more drama.

Bernice returned to the cockpit and explained to Bob & Elaine that in fact we wouldn’t be doing Pacific trip with them as it was just too long to spent together if we were not happy with each other´s behviours. Bob didn´t really hear the certainty in Bernice´s voice and thought the Pacific trip might still be an option, i.e. we would change our minds after sleeping on it.

We continued on the journey to the Coco B´s although it was something of a tense trip – even though the ´incident´ and the consequences were not mentioned again. About mid-afternoon we arrived at what turned out to be yet another lovely set of small palm fringed sandy islands surrounded by coral reefs.

Bernice and Huw rowed the dinghy ashore and walked round one of the islands – which took all of 10 mins – to give ourselves a chance to talk and chillout a bit.

Back on board we made dinner which was a “simulated” pasta bake with the remains of the chilli. Afterwards, we taught Bob & Elaine to play shithead (sorry not sure of its polite name or even if it has one!!) which went OK, apart from a very tense first game that had Bernice in a head to head against Bob for the honours.

2 thoughts on “All´s not well on the way to the Coco B´s

  1. Just taking a breather from work to catch up on your adventure (you lucky lucky people!). Just thought I’d comment on the Shithead game…we call it the “Spanish game” when we play it with the kids (as we taught them it when we were in Spain) but it just isn’t as funny by any other name…the whole point is the person still holding thier cards is the shithead (assuming it’s the same game)! LOL!

  2. Hey Jemma

    Feel free to take a break from work anytime 😉

    Thanks for the insight – from now on we will use “The Spanish Game” when in polite company….but no matter what the loser will always be a shithead to us 😀


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