All´s well at sea

The rest of the night is pretty uneventful, the engine even seemed to behave itself for Huw. The fishing line of course went out at first light, which is now later as we travel north, at 0730 and by 1000 we have a fish, another yellow fin around 80cm. By the time it’s prepared it’s way past brekkie time which incidentally was being seen to as the fish came in, but had to go on hold.

It’s ok we have been able to have dinner that bit later now too as it stays light longer so we can just shuffle the meal times back a little if need to. Looks like it will be sushi for lunch anyway so that’s quite light. Soup is on the way as well but not likely to be ready for lunch.

Lunch ended up really late (1430-1500) much later than we anticipated but the boys were asleep and didn’t wake up till then. Just as well it was sushi or it would have been even later.

The afternoon, what was left of it, consisted of some maintenance on the port main shrouds and some reading in the sun.

It’s getting decidedly cooler now at night but thankfully the days are still really warm and even better, a little less humid.

Dinner of tuna arebeiata with what’s left of the old stock and a little soup from the new and we’re all happy.

We all snap and put long sleeves on for our night watches, well Bernice toughs out the 2100-0000 without but snaps for her 0600 watch. At least till the sun comes up.

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