An upgrade

Today we get up at our leisure (still 0900) have brekkie and go across the street for sone Wi-Fi time, to finalise a plan with Connie and Rowan for the next few days, where to meet and what to do. Also try and get an idea about getting to Vancouver Island and directions to Nathan and Donna’s place for later in the week. We also squeeze in a little skype time.

Buying provisions we head back to the flat for lunch before getting the free train, yes free train into the Downtown area. Another nugget of local knowledge from the girls. That and directions to a huge book store we should check out. It gives us something to aim for and it is indeed huge. We can’t resist buying a couple of books. We find a newish Jasper Fforde neither of us have read, a guidebook for all the canyons/parks we want to visit and an art book. Oh and a map of BC as the satnav doesn’t do Canada.

Then we have a general look about town taking in a few outdoor shops as we go and then as luck would have it, we find not only a decent camera shop, not only selling the new camera body we’ve been looking at but selling it at the best price we’ve seen on line too!!!

You see we might have mentioned already, we can buy it here for the same price in dollars as we would in pounds back home. So a bargain really. We see it as an investment and now the lens has been fixed we go for it. The guy even does us a deal on a 2nd battery. Sweet.

A wee beer before going back to the flat to cook dinner and play with our new toy. Then chillaxing for the evening. It’s an early start tomorrow, we need to get up at 0700 zzzzz

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