Another beach and more snorkelling

Dithering about how to spend the day today, the others had told us there was a beach you could walk to in the opposite direction to where we went yesterday. We’re thinking we might go do that at a leisurely pace. Rowan calls our room to say they are going there too and if we were ready we could walk together. They’re going diving. We have only done a trial dive and aren’t here long enough to do any more but we join them to the beach and Huw does some snorkelling there. The first beach is pretty busy but the further one is deserted. Nice….

The high tide we told you about last week that meant the road was flooded back to our hotel up at Rodney Bay, it washed a lot of the decorative stones away on this beach, they’d been built up round the coconut palms. There was a half dozen guys busy rebuilding them.
Mid Afternoon we head back to Soufriere, leaving the guys doing a second dive. An ice cream on the way and dodging the rain we make it back, grab some chips for a late lunch with which we try the local “banana ketchup”!!! Yes banana ketchup! (it was far too expensive to eat at the beach as it was a posh resort, so double priced!!!) then a siesta and later a Chinese takeaway.

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