Archway to the Canyons

After a coffee stop a little after 0900 where we meet Tim to say goodbye (we had an awesome time Tim and look forward to reciprocating your hospitality when you visit the UK next summer, get those festival tickets bought guys!!) we set off on the road to Moab and it’s really pretty!!! We’ve been advised to go on a minor road for the last 30 or so miles where we’ll find some great campsite options and the road follows the Colorado River through a spectacular canyon.

Bernice isn’t feeling great today, possibly a tad too much wine last night. Oops! But a wee snooze and a bottle of caffeine, erm coke, later and she finds enough energy to enjoy Arches Park for sunset. It’s pretty special.

The thing is everywhere we now go is supposed to be more spectacular than the last and we’re already out of better adjectives. You’ll understand when we ever get around to sharing the photo’s with you. 🙂

It goes without saying we guess that as we spend the afternoon and evening in the park it means dinner is made and eaten in the dark, but it’s still really enjoyable as we have the backdrop off the cliffs to look at. Awh!!!!!

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