Are we nearly there yet..??

…well Yarmouth (the Isle of Wight one obviously) so no not really!!! We’ve stopped the night here as there is a storm forecast overnight and the skipper decided he’d rather not be introducing us to his pride and joy in the dark, in a gale in the middle of a shipping lane – good choice we think. So nice meal, glass of red and a water taxi ashore for beer is the new plan 😉

2 thoughts on “Are we nearly there yet..??

  1. Good luck Bernice and Huw! I am very envious so will have a vicarious voyage (via your blog) as I start my new job at BGB. Just hope no stormy waters for any of us!

  2. Hi – well what a shock! We have been saying all summer – I wonder how Hue & B are – we must get them over for a BBQ?? But, we’re still being ‘rubbish’ with not doing much more than looking after the twins – though it is getting better, the older they get and we are getting out and about more! Oh well – guess we’ll have to wait a year for that catch up BBQ!! Very pleased for you though!! Think its great!! (not jealous at all – I mean – lounging around on the sea or nice village somewhere – in the sun……. Or in grey old UK… No water to be seen except rain!………. Hold on a minute…… actually I might be a bit jealous now I come to think about it!). Anyways – Hope you are having a great time!!!!!! Look forward to reading your blog! L x

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