Back at sea

Huw and Bob go to the village of Portobelo early in the morning. Bob needs to go and ´check out´ because although the San Blas islands are still technically part of Panama, the chiefs of the indigenous people there, the ´Kuña´, have been granted autonomy to run the islands by themselves. Bernice stays behind with Elaine to make boat ready and get to know her a bit – stowing gear away ready to set sail, waiting on the sailmaker to arrive to measure up for some hatch covers, and some general chatting. The boys return about 12ish, and we all return ashore for final internet and lunch, then we say goodbye to Super Ted and set off for Linton and Isla Grande, our first stop which are actually just around the corner. We decide to anchor at Linton as it’s a bit rolly at Isla Grande due to a swell coming in over the reef. We go for a swim and finish the day with a nice meal and some chitchat.

2 thoughts on “Back at sea

  1. Is Portobello named after the one outside Edinburgh? By the way – everything’s fine here at moment, it’s all dull, dull, dull! Keep the stories coming – they’re great.

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