Bad food day

Some blogging needs to be done today as we are getting behind again, so that’s the morning full up! Also we´ve bought some small country flags and asked the girls in reception where the best place to get them sewn onto the camera bag would be. In Sucre our hostel was right next to all the sewing shops and like everything else here we imagine there will be a whole street of seamstresses. Sure enough there is and it just happens to be right across the road! After brekkie we take our empty camera bag over and al the flags and for the equivalent of £2 we get them all sewn on. Nice.

We decide to have lunch in one of the restaurants we were looking at the other night with Delphine and co, but it turns out to be a disaster! The chicken sandwich is on stale bread and when we complain they take it away but on return in a baguette a short time later, the chicken and the fries are stone cold! Only one thing for it, money back and walk away. Shame really, as their salad bar looked really nice and we would have considered a return at some point for dinner, but not now!

After lunch and having checked a few other prices out Bernice decides to buy the poncho she tried on yesterday. It works out about £25 so not a lot really. Having bought it and a few other bits and pieces we return to the hostel. The plan is to meet Tom, Natalie, Phil and Paul (if he arrives in time) at the Indian restaurant and see what all the fuss is about there. We phoned and booked a table this morning on the free locals phone in the hostel, as we didn´t want to be disappointed this time with them not having enough room.

We met the guys outside and went in. The menu looked good, what we´d expect to see back home. As Paul hadn´t arrived within about 40 minutess we decided to go ahead and order. In true indian restaurant fashion we ordered far too much food. Deciding it wouldn´t be an issue as Paul could eat our leftovers we relaxed and waited on our food.

For the 2nd time today we were disappointed. It was hot; it looked fine, but very much the same, regardless of what each of us ordered. Another gringo recommendation bites the dust. We wouldn´t recommend it (The Star of India), sorry. Overpriced in the scheme of things and probably just riding on its guidebook mention like so many other gringo restaurants.

Paul arrives pretty late, after the plates have all been cleared away. He didn´t miss much. We went the full hog, we tried another gringo place afterwards for drinks – Olivers Travels – might as well finish the night as we started it. It was ok, but weirdly pretty much emptied a short time after we got there. We were all tired too, this altitude business really is taking its toll, Tom and Natalie had wanted to go clubbing and yet we were all done for, including them, so it didn´t happen yet again.

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  1. Bit like a wet weekend in Govan for a Sassenach (never could spell that!) – Poncho would have been half the price in the Barras though!!!!

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