Banana Jackflips!

We get away at 0800 local time. There’s a couple of boats leave in front of us a very nice “Bowman” who has a double genoa flying one either side. Very elegant. And another tiny boat that looks home made! At best 30ft long, not sure we’d want to cross the Atlantic in that.

Once we clear the headland the sea is a bit lumpy, lots of swell. And then the wind dies off for a wee while and the engine goes on, more to stop the uncomfortable bobbing up and down than anything. It’s short lived though as the wind returns about an hour later. And stays with us for the day, albeit it can’t decide which direction to come from.

We are on mother watch again and we plan burritos but because of the swell think we’ll simplify it…. we’re just about to start cooking when we catch yet another dorado, so it’s fish salad for dinner instead :0) followed by papaya and … wait for it … banana flopjacks! The bananas we got in Mindelo, although green have ripened very quickly and so we need to get them eaten. The result is nice soft chewy flapjacks (replacing the seeds with bananas) which go down exceedingly well – watch out Mr Kipling!!!

The night watches continue to have wind but it’s a bit noisy and difficult to sleep. Also the 1st night back at sea.

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