Banana Split!

As Bernice goes on her 9-12 watch the boys look at getting the engines started. We are still 57 miles from Cabo San Lucas (44 miles to nearest landfall) and even if we succeed it’s likely we’ll only just make it in before dark….

0925 starboard engine jump started successfully from household battery. 0940 port engine starts as starboard engine is running. 1000 reefline in and mainsail successfully raised again. Then Richard turns engines back off??!! Porque?

Huw suggests leaving the an engine running as the household battery voltage is low, (although not generally used for starting engines, they are charged by the engines running) having had engines off since 1200 yesterday. Last thing we need is this to lose nav instruments and steerage!! . Thankfully there’s no messing and they go on. The starboard one he leaves on (to charge the household batteries) but not in gear, as he doesn’t want us banging through the waves any more than we are doing already.

Bernice finishes her watch, Huw sorts us all out with brekkie and Richard goes for a sleep! There’s not much time left till Huw’s watch, so he just sits and reads. Richard had him up after a short nap to sort the engines, the access to the starboard engine is under our bed, similarly access to the port engine is under Richards bed.

We put our bunk down having removed all the tools and household battery, so Bernice can have a snooze. Huw spots land while on his watch. Are we pleased to see you! The engine also gets turned off again around 1300.

When Bernice surfaces again (didn’t sleep very well in the night with the lumpy seas) it’s just after shift change and Richard puts the engine back on successfully around 1545. The boys had leftovers for lunch so Bernice grabs a wrap and a coke and sits it out in the cockpit seating area… we are 6nm from nearest landfall, 14 or so from our destination, so with a bit of luck we might be in before Bernice’s next watch begins, even if not Richard will most likely retain command.

With very little trouble we get a berth in a marina in Cabo. It’s a pretty big full on resort from what we can see from our arrival. Lots of loudhailers, lots of jet-skis, party boats etc…. We berth up alongside another large cat and in front of us is a huge gin palace (large motor cruiser) from the Cayman Islands that’s probably about 100ft long with it’s own helicopter on the deck.

As part of our welcome we are brought margarita’s, nice touch, and it’s not even half the price Richard paid in Acapulco!!!

We chill over a beer, compulsory arrival cheer, and our freebie too. Then it’s shower time – never managed one yesterday with all the ‘excitement’ – and dinner.

Then it’s time for a chat with Richard, no point in putting it off. In theory if he was a smart guy he’d see that us not wanting to continue (yep, decision made) is to his advantage and gracefully accept that the boat has let us down and he can easily explain this to Patrick the owner. He can then return home to St Martin and move his boat to Trinidad away from hurricane territory while he sources and waits on replacement crew….

But then his pride gets in the way and he can’t help himself but blow his top even though we can see a sly smile he’s trying to hide, this is a good outcome for him but he has to push it back. Has to end things on bad terms give us grief for letting him down. It’s not like we have financially although he keeps going on that we have. The only way we have is that any replacement crew will cost him more. All we have cost him are our flights from Peru to Panama. If he was paying us – though he claims we’re not Yachtmaster qualified so don’t deserve it – he’d owe us over $3000 each for the trip so far. So no we don’t owe him anything other than the commitment to get to Vancouver. But the reciprocal of that is he estimated 4 weeks (we’re now nearly 5 weeks in and approx only halfway) and the boat was in good order. A fact he still claims. Hhmm…

Well the upshot of the downward spiralling conversation is that he asks us to leave now. Within half an hour. Not sure if he thinks he’s getting one over on us by throwing us off the boat so late in the evening (it’s now around 2200) but if so he forgets that we’ve been backpacking for 6 months now and finding accommodation at this time of night in such a huge resort is not up there with traumatic events!

So that’s that then, that’s how it ends. We pack, we leave. We find a hostel. We relax.

2 thoughts on “Banana Split!

  1. The grumpy git! Oh well, you’re probably much better off without all the hassles you were having with the cat! It sounds like it probably wouldn’t have made it, the list of issues way too long! At least u get to see some more of south before u hit the north 🙂

  2. Looks as if u made the right call….gut instinct is always a good judge x x

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