Baseball Rules

We check when we get up this morning but there is still no room in hostel USA for us tonight, so we move to HI where we started yesterday. It’s mad you have to check out of everywhere by 11am but you can’t check in anywhere till 3pm. So bags in storage it is, and in actual fact to de-stress things a little we decide to book 3 more nights and just take the hit on the cost. There is supposedly Wi-Fi here, hi-speed at that, but it’s pretty poor when it is available 🙁

Our next task is to have a walk around the area and check it out. We were too tired last night to take much in.

We find a mall (that’s indoor shopping centre) close by and it seems as likely a place as any to find a camera shop – if we’re going to put the SLR in for repair we can’t do without an alternative so we need to find a replacement compact. Alas there isn’t even an electrical shop, we ask around and have a couple other malls suggested to us, one that has a Sony shop even.

It’s leftovers for lunch and after that our room is ready so we get settled in and go on a mission to find a post office. All the bits we’ve been carrying around Mexico – everyone and the web said not to post from Mexico, so we didn’t – need to go home, and make our bags lighter!!!

It’s not too far away and they do a one price box regardless of weight, within reason, and the box is free you just pay the postage, so we grab a couple of different sizes and go back to see what’s best. Bernice is reluctant to send her poncho home but it’s very heavy and it makes sense to send it home.

We also discover a money exchange, rip-off prices… but exchange none the less, and we can finally offload our Peruvian money, as well as the little bit of Mexican we have.

Pleased that we managed to get a few jobs done we stop in a nearby brew pub – Rock Bottom – to enjoy happy hour as a reward. The baseball is on so we set ourselves the mission of working out the rules, with a little help from the bar staff and complete the outing with some wings and chips (sorry, we really mean chips, those things they call fries here, not crisps!) to share.

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