Bizarre happenings

A morning of bizarre happenings: First, early in the morning Bernice spots a seagull that looks like it’s standing ON the water. When we near it, it’s actually standing on a turtle! Then we also realise we have a fish on the line, but when we haul it in it’s so small it’s nearly the same size as the squidy it tried to eat on our line. Lastly the most amazing thing, we have four dolphins in our bow waves, three of which have transparent pouches on their sides in which we can see a baby dolphin in!!! What an amazing start to the day 🙂 We catch another fish, but its a sailfish, really lovely, about a metre long, again we let it go.

The port side engine keeps intermittently dying off and then recovering again. Like it has air in system, the boys reckon. So we swap back to starboard engine again. Give it time to cool down before it can be looked at. Once the engine has been examined and fiddled with we try again. It manages 4 hours before it starts dying again. Richard tries again to resolve the problem but then it decides not to start at all!! We all mull over the problem of the engine – if it was out of fuel before how come both engines hadn’t done the same engine hours when we arrived in El Salvador? If tanks were both full to start with that is? And the port engine didn’t take as much as expected back at the marina, only about 75gal instead of the expected 100 or so…Hhmm maybe there is more to this that meets the eye…

The evening is real nice with the moon up high in the sky, so visibility is good, but contrarily we can’t see the stars as well as we´d like, there´s always a trade-off. There are no passing boats to speak of though which gives us nothing to focus our concentration on.

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