Boo? Boom? Or just plain Huw!

Yep you guessed right again we were wreckage. Huw managed to drag us two up for brekkie but Bernice went straight back to beddie byes. Not intending to go out last night but in fact to go out tonight with Melanie and Gerdien (Melanie is vegetarian) to a steak house we had to sort ourselves out. We finally had the pasta for lunch today, Fi was back for that. We spent the rest of the day on admin (suitable punishment) Huw uploading photo´s, Bernice trying to write the blog.

We´re due to leave Sunday but we discover the bus we intend to get south only leaves on odd days of the month. We have a dilemma, get ourselves organised and leave tomorrow (unlikely) or stay another night here. Thankfully there is space; in fact we can stay in the same room. We accept Julieta´s (girl on the desk) offer to book the bus for us, Fi is still unsure whether to go north or south with us, but thinks it´ll be north – she´s accepted a crewing position on a 62ft Oyster to sail for three weeks between Port Montt, Chile and Lima, Peru via Robinson Crusoe Island. Nice!

We meet the girls and have dinner in a very bright but highly recommended steak house. There is even a queue outside of peep´s waiting on tables. We add or name to the list, well Huw does. Did we tell you the Spanish don´t pronounce there “H´s” and really struggle with Huw´s name? Well it´s quite funny, we always have to help them and say “You know Huw, like Hugh Grant!” Well anyway, tonight is no exception and when the waitress comes back out to call us in she shouts “Boon, Boom, ..” Tee Hee Hee. The food is superb, Melanie has a very good vegetarian chicken and the rest of us have steak, of course. Afterwards we all hobble down the street to finish off with a beer, everyone’s pretty tired some more than others, as you can imagine. So we get our early night tonight yippee.

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