Bring back the semi-camas´

The bus arriving late last night meant it got in at a more sociable hour this morning – arriving around 0830 local time, we remembered to move our clocks. We opt for a taxi to the main hostel area, we didn’t have a great sleep, we endured normal coach seats for the journey, not a patch on the lovely recliners we have gotten used to from South America 🙂

What we really need is Wi-Fi as we haven´t actually booked anything and we want to check out reviews and prices before cold calling. The taxi driver is very sweet and drops us right outside a coffee shop where we are able to get Wi-Fi and a coffee but decide to hold off on brekkie.

We choose a nearby hotel as there aren’t any real hostel options, and are pretty narked at having to pay $50 for a room, but needs must, it´s clean and… the room is ok if a bit tired, with a TV that´s about 40 years old and non-existent promised Wi-Fi 🙁

The town is nothing like either of us expected, we seem to be in a tourist bubble, a very touristy one at that, but there were no alternative locations for accommodation. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Priorities are laundry and food. We get details from the front desk and have it all under control pretty swiftly. Then we follow this up with a walk around the immediate vicinity.

Pretty convinced it´s not our kinda place we go back to our room for a siesta, some internet – in the lobby, a shower and go back out looking for somewhere reasonable for dinner. It´s isn´t like we can watch TV, there´s only about 10 channels sort of tuned in, 7 of which are so snowy (yeh, remember that!) that they´re unwatchable, so we resort to “How I met your mother” – the American sit-com Chicago Dan gave us way back in Chile, yes we´re still working our way through it Dan.

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