Bushwacked, literally!

Boo! Hoo! Donna leaves early for work again 🙁 and we try our best not to enjoy ourselves too much and certainly wouldn´t dream of having any fish tacos today! Honest! Well we weren´t briefed to be fair, and it´s not till after we have ordered and are munching through two each for lunch that we learn that it isn´t fair to go without her…

The day starts off a bit earlier than yesterday and to no-one’s surprise, Bernice has a huge blue bruise forming on her thigh from yesterday’s mischief! When organised we set off for the beach town of Tofino, stopping as mentioned for fish tacos on the way, along with mint-lime slush-puppy drinks… we can´t believe the popularity of the place. It´s a relatively small wagon and the queues are about 8-10 deep the whole hour we´re there. It is just a wee drive-in with half a dozen businesses in, and nothing else for miles around.

Afterwards we drive a further 20km to the town, stopping briefly at Nathans favourite surf spot – Wickaninnish Beach – to check out the state of the surf. He´s pretty impressed and a tad excited too, this´ll be his 1st surf in over a month having been at work. Tofino is a smallish town with a few touristy shops, a few galleries and a few gear shops, not too over-done. We have a pleasant amble around and buy some postcards for framing when we get home, then armed with a take-away coffee we head back to a gear shop near the Wickaninnish Beach for Huw to hire a wetsuit, before the boys get their fill in the water and Bernice holds the post as team photographer. It´s a great stretch of beach and feels a lot like a Cornwall back home.

Heading back home tired but happy, we have only a minor disappointment, that of not seeing any bears today. Nathan had been pretty sure on the trip out this morning and again now, that we have a good chance of seeing some, but nope it´s not happening. They have brown bears here on the Island, smaller and less ferocious than grizzly’s and they look pretty cute actually, well as far as we know they do, not having seen one ourselves! 🙁

On the way back we drop in to pick up our car at Donna´s parents and arrive back at the house just 5 or so minutes in front of Donna getting back from work, perfectly timed and played for.

As Donna does not have work tomorrow we go out to the fish´n´duck for some chicken wings and a fish supper. The food is really nice but the place is rife with mosi´s and Bernice gets eaten to the point she can´t relax anymore, so it´s bushwackers to go and we hi-tail it back to their house. A games evening follows, accompanied with music swaps. Settlers again … and Huw wins … again! We try to go in for a 2nd game but just after we start we all fade pretty quickly, zzzzz

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