Can you guess Huw’s gone overboard?!

Early to bed, early to rise! Up at 7am we decide on toast for brekkie as the gennie is on. Then bread making and teatowel washing are the jobs for this morning, get them done before the day heats up. Gets pretty darn hot here by 9am (26 degrees!) Such a hardship really.

So you can imagine how worn out we were once we’d finished our chores. A cool shower was the order of the day. While all this was going on there was another false alarm with a fish. Doh!

Lunch today is Spanish omelette to put to good use the left over potatoes from last nights dinner. Hopefully with some fresh bread too, that’s if our experiment to make brown bread is successful!!

As I write this we catch another fish! Quite a biggie, another dorado, which we spend quite a while gutting and filleting, 8 good size pieces which means the dinner menu tonight is now fish!

Then on to preparing lunch, the bread wasn’t quite the success we hoped but still just about edible. Just as we’re serving up there’s a huge interruption! Another bite on the line and as it’s all action on deck. More than anyone bargained for – Huw is down on the bathing platform (back bit of boat lower than rest, for getting back on board easily via when you’ve gone for a swim) with the gaff (pointy hook for bringing big fish in) when with a slip and a shout of “oh bugger!!” he finds himself swimming in 2000 metres of water with the boat rapidly disappearing into the distance!! Doh! Doh! And double Doh!

Good job it’s a calmish day and very little swell. Well done Paul and the troops for your swift action at the helm and getting Huw back on board. Sorry everyone for the unnecessary adrenalin rush! Although, personally Huw was quite glad of the swim – sea was lovely :-). He even managed to keep hold of his sunnies and the gaff (which may have came in handy should a tiger shark have shown up) but sadly he lost his watch to davey jones’s locker.

It’s fair to say that all this excitement and we still managed to get the fish bagged ;0)

4 thoughts on “Can you guess Huw’s gone overboard?!

  1. Thank goodness it was daylight, calm and everyone on the alert. Wouldn’t want to lose you!
    Even a good meal is not worth that. Mum and Dad

  2. Ohoy sailors,

    Good to see that all is well on New Dawn and that you are all having a good time. Got to say had a wee scare (as i’m sure you all did) to hear that Huw fell overboard, but well done on saving the fish… hat off to you all.

    This blog is a great idea and a great way to keep track on what’s going on board and hopefully to see more pictures of this great adventure. Do send my regards to my father and hope to hear more from you all.

    Best regards, keep safe and stay away from Davey jones’s and his cracken… and easy on the Rhum…

    Stephane Donnerup

  3. To Mum and Dad,

    For your information: my video shows that we managed to furl the genoa, turn New Dawn around and recuperated Huw in 2 min and 40 sec. Lucky it was good weather and day time. However, this was a first for me to have a MOB on New Dawn and it was amazing to see how fast Huw disappered and how little his head was after a few moments. Thanks to Will for doing the correct thing to point his finger at Huw all the time so I could stear the right way and find him back. Hope not to have another MOB as it is scary and gave my nightmares. I checked many times afterwards and Huw was fine after the initial shock and he felt assured when he noted New dawn turning around. Ugh….

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