Chase me chase me….. and did you know Argentineans can´t take hot food?

An early start today to hand the car back in. Not that it´s far, just the other end of the main street. A treacherous journey though, as you didn´t know if you were going to be singled out and chased by the stray dogs amusing themselves with this sport all day and all night – they were having immense fun, disturbingly though none of the cars appeared to slow down, if anything they took a run at them.

We have taken a leaf out of Matt and Sophie´s book and stayed another night just to have some down time. Plus if we hadn´t we´d have been on the same bus as most of the troops we did the Route 40 adventure with. It means we can have a last night out with Michael before he heads north for the Rio Carnival, along with the vast majority of back packers currently in South America – we´re looking forward to places being less popular, out of season, as hopefully it´ll make it cheaper for us.

Chilli is on the menu tonight and as always we make far too much, eat far too much and forget to leave room for beer. We offer the last of it to the girl on the desk not really expecting her to say yes, this is after we´re spend a good deal of time making it reasonably hot, oops! No sooner has she started eating it when she´s running to the kitchen for a drink. Pretty amusing 🙂

Note to selves about the rest of night: – stop asking for and then teaching the locals how to make carajillo! You´ll only be disappointed and possibly worse, robbed blind on price!

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