Cheetahs 7 – 2 Dolphins

It´s a relatively early start, considering the late finish, as Molly has a footie match to go to. Ben doesn´t play and doesn’t want to come and watch either so he´s tasked with completing a piece of homework while we´re away – much to his disgust, “weekends are for resting” after all. It´s the third round (we think) of an under 8´s tournament.

The game believe it or not, (considering age and all girls) is really exciting. They play 7 aside, and the rules are such that once there´s a “5 goal” goal difference the winning team stops aiming for goal and allows the other team a chance to catch up. Plus there is constant substituting allowing everyone a play and practice at various positions. Molly does really well and even scores a goal, she´s subbed once but only briefly so the poor wee mite is pretty tired by the end of the game.

Returning home we Skype Huw´s family to wish his mum happy birthday, before heading back out for lunch to “In-n-out Burger”, a McDonalds like fast-food joint, only healthier. It´s obviously sports Saturday as the place is crammed full of kids of varying ages and team strips… Did we mention one teams half-time snack at the footie was donuts!!!! Only in America!

The afternoon is started with everyone having what Dan calls “an old man´s kip”, after which he takes the kids round to the pool again. They´re trying to teach them how to snorkel as they´re going on a cruise in January and there´ll be lot to see (Cabo San Lucas where we went diving is one of their stops). Bernice was having a few issues with her eyes again yesterday and a little longer snoozing today plus some treatment (an eye bath) seems to help a little.

We all retire to the garden to enjoy some GnT and build up the energy to prep dinner – salmon with pesto pasta, yummy. Then we finish the evening off with a little origami time with the kids before lounging in front of the TV for some American political satire followed by American X Factor (can´t believe it´s just got here!!!)

PS what a great name for a footie team, don´t you agree? Oh and it´s Molly´s team, the girls picked it themselves tee hee hee 🙂

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