Cheetah’s Rematch

Although we don’t feel like going all the way to Garlicsville (Gilroy) again to watch Molly play footie we do. The car journey was putting us off, a little hungover you could say, and the thought of garlic getting up our noses this morning wasn’t worth thinking about.

But it is worth it. The game is just as exciting as last week and the rugby boys could definitely learn a thing or two from these eight year-olds! Molly doesn’t manage to score this week, but the teams are a closer match and she pulls off loads of great passes and skilful manoeuvres. It certainly gets us all out of our hangover shell. Funny though, apart from the coaches, assistant coaches (one of whom was English today), and us four, there is very little by the way of vocal input from the crowd. Truth is, half, probably more, of the parents/onlookers don’t actually know the rules!! Very sad, we agree. It doesn’t stop us though, after two games, we pretty much know the names of most of Molly’s team 🙂

Back at the house, it seems a good idea for us all to muck in and get some weed deterrent fabric down in the garden. Before we snap and order in pizza for dinner which finishes the wobbly day off nicely, that and a bit of telly.

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