Chelsea 8, Wilson’s 5

This morning the guys insist we leave our gear (packed) in our existing room and they’ll move it all up into the attic room later when they’ve managed to get it habitable for us.

So we bow away graciously and catch a bus to town for another day in the Chelsea gallery district. As we might have said before, there are about 8 streets and we barely covered a whole one the day we arrived, so hopefully we can rectify that today.

There’s some really interesting work on show and again it’s predominantly wall and floor based, very little – though a fraction more than the west coast – video/moving image work. We stop for lunch and a rest and find a nice wee courtyard garden offering a menu at an equally nice price. It gives us time to recoup and digest what we’ve seen this morning.

During our 2nd stint gallery-hopping in the afternoon we meet Holly, an English girl who has just finished her BA here and who went to school with a fellow student of Bernice’s at Central St Martins. Small world!

We gradually pull ourselves away from the galleries and head a little further east towards the Moma shop, it isn’t too far away now we’re this far south and it’s a good place to finish off our day before heading back to the bnb. Our attic room is ideal, it a bit low – funnily enough it’s Bernice who keeps banging into the eaves!!

Tonight the house seems full, we get chatting to Adrian (US), Freddie (German) and briefly with Barbara and Tomas (German) before they leave to go find somewhere nice to eat. The rest of us carry on with the chatter and share some beer for quite a few hours. There have still been some bathroom issues lingering on today and Jay and Maria show up at one point just to apologise yet again. It’s not like they’ve not been doing everything they can in order to fix it. They’ve been digging out blind since we arrived trying to resolve the problem. They really care 🙂

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