So an early start. The sandwiches are made, the car is ready and the weather looks good. So let’s hit the road. The volcano osorno is about 60km away and there are waterfalls to stop at on the way. The car is a little cramped but ok if you’re in the front (Bernice driving, Huw given passenger seat with longest legs) sorry guys! Some of the road is unpaved but mostly due to roadworks, not because “that’s the way it is”, as in Argentina!!

It’s a nice day if a bit breezy, it certainly doesn’t feel like the 17 deg forecasted, but when we get walking we soon heat up. The scenery yet again is outstanding, and lucky for us mostly clear. The top of the volcano keeps clouding over then clearing again. We walk till we’re tired and the cloud comes in to a mirador at about 1000m (the total height being 2652m) and decide going any further will be fruitless so we have lunch and then all spontaneously start scree running back down the steep slopes of the hillside. We’d got cold sitting and it soon heated us back up 🙂 it certainly got us back to the bottom quickly.

After walking along the lake shore back to the car we drove around the other side of the volcano where the road meandered up the hillside to the local ski resort. We thought we might take the cable car up but it was expensive and anyways after we took a load of photo’s (the weather cleared as we drove around) the clouds descended again so it would have been a waste. Instead we sat at the cafe and had a chocoñac while watching a cute Terra Nova puppy called dollar! Nice!!

Sunset looks like it’ll be good tonight so rather than drive around the lake as initially planned we decide to head back to town and watch the sunset from the edge of the lake there.

Pizza and some local artisan beers finish the day off nicely 🙂

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