Chop chop!

So a post being written on the day of events. Like that’s happened before!

We are officially in “hand of god country”. Arrived around 6am this morning having travelled for two days. Last sleep in bed Sunday night. Slept on plane (7 hour flight) last night and bus (from Bocas to Panama, 7 hour from midnight) night before. Well shattered this morning!

Got to hostel about 8ish. It’s a bit run down – like a hostel – but really friendly. We sampled mate (pronounced mat-ay) for brekkie (what Argentinians drink 1st then coffee – Ignacio correct us if we have this wrong, only knowledge got is from Che´) and the went for walk/orientation as our room wasn’t going to be ready before lunchtime!!!

It feels a bit like London’s Portobello Road round here loads of antiques, boutiques and nice rustic cafe/bars, 1st impressions you understand.

Back to hostel and attempt at siesta, but failed miserably. Sleeping in day very hard to force self to do. Both over tired. A bit of Internet, chat to Ignacio on skype and showers before heading out again for a further amble around a few beers and some food. A draft beer here is called a “chop” rather than a “caña” as it is in Spain….

Found a look-e-likey “museum de jamon” (you remember Kylie, Sunil, Jo, from Madrid). Anyway needless to say a small mixed platter was HUGE and we struggled to finish it. Although the Argentinian local vino tinto was very nice and the locally brewed red beer (Colorado) Huw had was also rather nice.

Now back at hostel hoping for a full nights sleep. Fingers crossed. Huw is uploading photo’s as we speak too x

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