Christmas in the Caribbean

We wake up around 0730 have brekkie but don’t feel like hurrying to meet up with the other guys as we should really skype home today (arranged one call for 0830 already) and if we head out for the day with the other guys we met last night that won’t happen. We decide instead to stick with our original plan of a chilled day of not very much. After brekkie and skype with Huw’s family, we reckon it’s a good time to take photo’s of the town as everyone will be at home busy with family stuff so the streets will be pretty clear. Wandering about taking pictures, the only people we encounter seem to be the hobo’s. That is till a couple of little boys start asking us if we want to give them some money as they never got anything for Xmas … What can you say, do? You give them money, they think it’s ok to beg, you don’t give them money you feel really guilty and add to the “them and us”. We tried to explain we never got anything for Xmas either as Santa didn’t know where we were. But our Xmas was spending time in they’re town by their lovely sea view.

On returning to the hotel we had lunch and rum punch – it is Xmas afterall. Skype some more with Liz, Jaq and Keith plus Steve and Emma and Kylie and Sunil who happen to be online. Then in need of a siesta (lunch time beer!) and the fact it’s raining outside we snooze and read for most of the rest of the afternoon.
Showers and out for dinner. The restaurant on the front we checked out on arrival. There are some other customers though it’s not busy. We order and then realise they probably don’t take cards. And we don’t have enough money on us, oops!! As there were a few suspect characters (to our eyes anyway!!) about we decide rather than go to the cash machine on his own in the dark (it’s opposite the hotel) Huw would just return to the hotel for some US dollars. We’d pay a bit more but we were more comfortable doing this. It wouldn’t be getting the cash that would be the issue, it would be walking back to the restaurant that might be an issue after being spotted going for cash. That said there’s a lot of teenagers out tonight. The locals are really friendly on the whole and totally non-threatening. It’s just the down’n’outs, you wonder how desperate they are, seems to be drugs on the whole, but you think it could be circumstance too – the hurricane taking everything from them, you just don’t know. Mostly we’ve found them harmless but there’s no point pushing your luck. When the locals warn you off them you know to do just that  There’s no street lights here, not sure if as a result of the hurricane or it’s just how it is.
Our meal is really good, although a tad salty for our tastebuds. Has the chef overdone it or is it how they like it here, replenishing salts from the heat of the day. It’s the 1st we’ve noticed.

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