Classroom fever

Dan and Jenny did manage to get away this morning and hopefully caught their flight. We left about an hour after them, having to be at the SBTS by 8am. Huw had a hangover from hell as you can imagine.

Thankfully we knew today was all classroom based. We find out we have diving every morning and 4 hours Spanish every afternoon!!
When we arrive at the school, it’s in complete chaos, so we leave our bags amongst it and head across the road to the dive school.
Our morning consists of watching videos: Dive 1 and 2, our instructor for confined water is Marion, shes german and lovely, her dog is called Rumba a 3 month old puppy, a kinda English bull terrier – dalmation cross if that’s possible!

Its information overload, which is always good on a hangover. There’s a quick turn around as we leave there with less than an hour to spare to find lunch before Spanish class at 1pm.

We find a deli just between the two and are able yo get sandwiches made yo order, result. It’s during lunch break that we realise Huw left phone in our room in Oops! A quick call on the local sim phone and we arrange for Nathan and Donna to pick it up for us. We’re likely to see them in next day or so.

Spanish – our teacher is Kayla, she’s local in as much as she comes from the mountains we travelled through and her boyfriend is an Aussie, also a diver. Our lesson goes remarkably quickly as we go through the basics quickly in 4 hours.

We’re pretty done in by the end of it all. Dragging our bags up to our room at the end of the day takes quite some effort!! Then there’s dinner to think of. We have access to the communal school kitchen so go off and get supplies for a chorizo spaghetti. It’s pretty good and well earned. While making/eating it we get chatting with some fellow students: Ida, Jenny & Chris. Ida and Jenny are Aussies and Chris is from California. Chris works as a raft guide in Costa Rica, just visiting Panama for a week to renew his 90 day visitors visa so he can stay a further 90 days there.

We try to do some blog work watch a bit of footie on the communal TV. While doing so we talk to Jock, a teacher and a local and no connection at all with Jockland, we mean Scotland.

By 930pm we’re really tired and head for bed only to realise there’s no upper windows or netting in our room. We try keep light off, so we don’t attract mosi’s or any other flying thing but fail miserably. We get bitten, Bernice mostly, by mosi and chitres (the local midges) who come in room. Crappy nights sleep had by all!!!

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