Couchsurf Virgins No More

So this morning we pack with a little bit of trepidation, we are off to drop our bags off at Will´s, the guy from the CS social who offered us a couch for the night. He is also the guy planning the hike to the Hollywood sign 🙂

Will´s house is actually quite easy to get to, just one metro line away and it only takes us 15-20 mins to get there. As we arrive he´s ready to leave it is only 0830!!! But we have Lea another of the CSers coming to pick us up and drive us all to the Griffith Park Observatory – the one from the James Dean film “Rebel without a Cause”. This is the meeting point for everyone at 0900. The hike was supposed to me an afternoon jaunt until Will and some of the others realised that there was a festival on all afternoon and the fact that it will be far far too hot to walk it in the afternoon heat with any enjoyment!

We have time to take photos and walk around the observatory, the view would be fantastic if it weren´t for the morning haze across the whole town. So with everyone we think who’s coming on the morning trek here – Bao, Lea, Ryan, Will and us, we set off. Kenice (the girl who organised the social the other night) is running late but hopes to catch us up.

The walk is pretty low key, not too energetic, but that’s exactly what we need to be able to chat all the way round and get to know everybody and their motivations for being involved in CS. What has surprised us yet again is how much the local hosts enjoy just getting together for events like this – we are the only two surfers in this group, the rest are living here in LA, not all with couches to offer though. You can be a member of the CS community and just offer up your time, a coffee, and local knowledge, it’s not essential that you have a couch to offer…which is nice for when you just arrive someplace new.

The festival is a bit of a let-down in terms of art and artist studios being open, but its good fun hanging out with everyone and taking in the free live music that’s on. Whilst this is going on we get talking to a lady with a British bulldog called Basil.

We also get to meet Hanako, a friend of Bao´s who is in LA till September from Japan with work. We finish off the day with some snack food from a restaurant in Japantown, which is right nearby. Everyone is really friendly and it´s making for a nice few days in LA.

After food we head back to Will´s with some beer and chat. Bao and Hanako can´t stay long because they live the other side of town and have to catch the last metro, but Kenice ends up staying all night – on one of the couches 🙂 as she finally admits to having had too much to drink and drive. All in all a great day!

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