Crossing the “40W” longitude line

So we have crossed the 40W line and moved our timepieces back an hour accordingly. We are now 2 hours behind GMT.

It was pretty darn hot at 8am this morning as a result! Bernice was still feeling sleepy so went back to bed after brekkie for a while. Huw finished another book – now there’s a surprise not! The book was John Steinbecks ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ so increases the tally of classics for the trip (a very well written if somewhat depressing story of the death of small holder farming in 1930’s America and the resultant mass migration and poverty)

Around lunchtime big fluffy clouds roll in and with it a big swell along will a little more wind. It’s forecast to increase 5-10 knots in the next 6 or so hours. We’ve consistently had F5/6 the last 48 hours so increasing to F6/7 is on the cards.

Adam and Will had a chat with our over night companion – turned out to be a 56ft Oyster, on their way to Antigua. Lots of swaps of fish catching stories. And an invite onto their boat if they bump into each other in the Caribbean. Nice one.

Our 9-midnight watch is very lumpy and noisy. Bernice goes down yet again stuffing kitchen roll in places you wouldn’t think could make a noise yet are. Again Adam’s bed keeps him awake and he’s pretty tired looking when he comes up to relieve us.

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