Dolphin tastic time had by all

Mid morning on our watch and the biggest shoal of dolphins we’ve seen yet turn up – accompanied by lots of whooping and strange clicky noises… weird crew right 😉 They’re with us for quite some time. We have some video we hope to share, as always: try to take a photo of them and you just get a splash.

The boys then spent the rest of the morning trying to free the spinnaker pole and success arrived just before lunch, hurrah!

So hurriedly we all ate lunch and got to work on setting up the goose-winged sails. Oh it looks good! And what a relief, going across the Atlantic without the ability to go dead down wind would be a disaster. The wind had come round early this morning which helped us get back on track. Now however we are rocking!!! The ARC can eat our dust!!!! :0)

The rest of the day was spent by most of us chatting and reading. Adam was on mother watch and elected to make more bread and pizza for dinner. What a winner :0)

Off to bed after dinner, 9pm! As we have the graveyard shift tonight – 3-6am! When we wake up (a little early) we feel the speed. It turns out they were doing a good 8knots (this is about 1.1 of your land-lubber miles) and considering our course and the fact we thought we’d have little or no wind this is great :0)

Typically it dies down a bit for our watch, but we still have a great sail.

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