Dolphins for breakfast

Hurray, we wake up about 7.40am and find lots of dolphins swimming around the boat. Top tastic :0)
– dolphin photo

We are still on mother watch till noon so a little cleaning and prep done and Huw manages to glue and fix the water filter hurrah!! Adam tries to get to the bottom of and sort out his squeaky bed but it proves a nightmare – all the panelling has to be removed and looked at….. by teatime he finds success hurrah!

The wind is pretty light today and not great in terms of direction which means we head further south (we really want a more south westerly course) than we’d like, getting close to the African coast. But we’re all hoping the forecast is right and we get more easterly winds soon. We did look at putting up the spinnaker pole (normally used to put the spinnaker out, the big colourful sail you see yachts flying) and setting the sails goose-winged but there’s an issue with the clasp on the pole, inevitable as its not used much, so we can’t use it for now. New Dawn is normally sailed short-handed (either just Paul or Paul and Chris his wife) so it figures as you wouldn’t bother with the complexity of a spinnaker, you really need at least 4/5 crew to do it safely, and then there’s no guarantee. We tough it out and after dinner the wind picks up.

Paul our skipper is the “mummy” (or as Adam has declared, the “daddy”) today but as a self-confessed non cook we lend a hand. His wife Chris pre-cooked some spaghetti bolognese dishes and as lasagne was on the menu for this week we helped him turn it into that and add garlic bread too.

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