Don Pedro

Sun 14 – Today is the day – Don Pedro’s (Texaco) 29th dinghy race! You dress up your dinghy, dress up yourself if you’re brave enough and then head over to the fuel dock for a race. Well so we thought! It was carnage, no race to speak of, just one huge water (and other nasties!!) fight between upwards of 60 dinghies! Nothing resembling a start or a finish but lots of drinking and dancing on the dockside afterwards. Then siesta (yeh a shower) and carry on till dawn!!! Well we carried on till quite late, till after presentations anyway – every dinghy appeared to get a trophy though no one was quite sure why. Then we all got a dinghy ride across to the Peace boat where we carried on for a bit – they have beer on tap there so we had to check it out, plus it’s in line of sight to the Sailors bar, our ultimate destination, till we got told it was home time anyway. Our last night on Skyelark and we were all enjoying it to the full :0)

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