Down to Sucre

Next stop is the old colonial town of Sucre which at only 2300 metres, will feel like being down at sea level after our Altiplano adventures. Our bus is at 1pm, which allows enough time to walk around and take some photo’s of Potosí which has some grand old buildings including the Mint.

On the bus we realise our tickets are for the back seat which isn’t that comfortable. Half the bus is backpackers while the other half seems to be locals going to Sucre for a night out and/or the weekend. The trip is only about 2.5hours so just a short jaunt. Arriving around 4pm we get dropped off on some random street with no clue of where we are in relation to the centre or hostels. Stephanie, Richard, Nick, and Alexi are all also on our bus and apart from Nick and Alexi, none of us have a room booked.

After quizzing the very unhelpful driver we walk with Dan in the direction we hope is town. Most of the other gringos (whites/foreigners/backpackers) jump into taxis. It’s not long before we reach a park and find a local map there which shows we’re just a few blocks away from the central market.

We walk to a hostel and smartly this time go in and suss out how clean it is before committing to stay. Bernice doesn’t approve so we reconsider our options. Bernice and Dan go and check out a few more while Huw watches the bags. We end up staying in a random 70’s place which has wifi and a rooftop view and not too expensive, well really cheap in the scheme of things. We have a three man on suite room and brekkie is included.

That sorted we go for an explore and find a bar/restaurant on a nearby square with a nice balcony view for a beer and a sharing plate of food. Then after the sun goes down and feeling the cold we return to don on some more clothes before going back out in search of food. We choose another place just off the square and spookily bump into Richard and Stephanie there. We have some more food and a few beers before returning to the hostel around 1130pm to find we’re locked out. Well the entrance is inside an arcade and the arcade is all shuttered down. Hhmmm!

We wander around between the two entrances like dumb-founded puppy dogs wondering what to do and why we weren’t told this would happen when we notice a bell up high on one side of the shutters. Ringing it a guy from reception comes down and opens up and allows us to get to our bed.

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