This morning at brekkie we met some more new guests: A couple of Aussies, one called Greg who’s a sculptor over here on a years exchange, and loving it.

There are still some bathroom issues this morning, much to the embarrassment of Jay and Maria. Funny though, the fact we’ve been here a few days now, it’s notched up as just a teething problem as far as we’re concerned and we know they are doing all they can to sort it out, but seeing the reaction and annoyance of new guests …. well they need to all take some chill pills we thinks :-/

Once we’re all breakfasted and showered, we head out and aim for Brooklyn … only we get our wires crossed and everything seems to go wrong. Starting with getting off at the totally, not even close, wrong metro stop! Oops! A long walk even to a bus stop is called for. It takes us past a crazy baseball cum footie game going on in a street court, involving mixed teams too. Like something out of Harry Potter without the broomsticks! Bizarre! Luckily though, we also come across a nice looking ‘greasy spoon’ and as we both need a wee we decide on a brunch stop. Plus there’s wifi so we can sort ourselves out and make a plan that works, gets us to the right area!!! A mountain of food later and facilities visited, we head for a nearby bus stop. One bus is just leaving as we round the corner so we miss it, the next – 10 min later – breaks down a couple of miles along the route. We give up, make a new plan and decide to walk to the ‘Dumbo’ area (Dumbo stands for “down under Manhattan bridge overpass”)

Here we have a wander around, we visit a nice furniture shop, some galleries, the park under the bridge and have a refreshment in a local bar before walking across the bridge back to Manhattan taking in the sunset on our walk.

We’re pretty trashed again and grab some food on our way back to the bnb. Another new guest arrives – Victoria, and Celine and Alexandra are back.

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