El punto seguramente tienen el punto

We have to say “The Singing Lamb” you were good, you were very good, but the top spot has just been updated – El Punto – is now the top dog hostel thus far on our trip.

The only negative is that there are no kitchen facilities available for use, but the rooms, the communal spaces, the cleanliness, and the friendliness of the staff is such that you don’t really mind! Yes really!

We would certainly stay longer than our planned and pre-booked 2 nights if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re hungry for a new country. We’re so close to leaving Chile, and as sad as that is, we’re so excited about moving onto Bolivia that we just want to get north now to San Pedro where we can begin the next phase of our trip.

Yesterday and today we haven’t done a great deal physically, seen a bit of town and squeezed in some socialising … with a couple of Scottish girls (Alison and Joanna) a German and a Dutch (Sanne) girl. Had a great evening last night chatting and teaching Lars some Scottish slang.

Before we catch our bus to San Pedro later today Bernice is going to go and learn how to make her own leather flip-flops while Huw looks at install some new features on our blog.

The flip-flop experience was fantastic. Best value 2 hours without a doubt and highly recommended. Bernice is now the proud owner of a great pair of leather flip-flops she made herself right down to the pattern on the leather and the colour. The only bit of the process she didn’t do herself was using the lathe and the final trim of the rubber sole. Which incidentally uses old tyres. All for about £13. Genius! As soon as she got back we high tailed it down to the bus station for our next 16 hour journey!!!

While she was away Huw made a fair bit of progress today to with the blog. Working out how to link our updates on the blog to Facebook and Twitter. As well as investigating a new map option – the one we have just now isn’t joined up you’ll have noticed and is pretty annoying because you the reader have no real concept of the order we’ve visited places in when you look at it. So watch this space for a new souped up map page coming to you’re viewing soon.

The next hostel we’re booked into doesn’t have wifi so this might be the last update till we get settled in Bolivia in about a weeks time. Oh and by then the time difference between us and you guys back home will be 5 hours!!

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