English Channel

Following a quiet night out in the thriving metropolis of Yarmouth it was a very early start to catch the tide … and not just for us the UKSA training boat moored alongside also had get up to let us out – sorry lads!

We then left in convoy, us + ‘Great Escape’ which is skippered by Em our skipper’s partner … so no competition to get to Baiona then πŸ˜‰ Dan and Em own and run Skyelark as a charter business … You can see more pictures of the boat and the trips they offer at www.skye51.com

The Channel was it’s usual delightful choppy self – the only up side being that the Force 5-7 (windy for you non sailor types – we will try to give helpful hints un brackets along the way) was from the North East rather than the usual South West which meant we could sail down wind under head sail (the one at the front) only.

The whole experience was finished off by having a large pod of dolphins take a break from their fishing to follow us for a while πŸ™‚ toptastic!! :0)

We took the obligatory seasick pills to help us find our seasickness and apart from a bit of queasiness when it was our turn to do lunch 1st day we were fine.

With 3 pairs of crew we went on 3 hour watches which meant 6 hours sleep before the next one. So pretty good.

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